Heritage Engineering North West Limited was established in 2010 with the word Heritage in mind as we truly believe Engineering and the skills involved, passed down from generation to generation is our Heritage. We will endeavour to manufacture and produce any part that is difficult to find anywhere else.

We are a family run company who specialise in the manufacture of machined components for numerous modern industries including packaging, lifting and printing, producing anything from bespoke one-off items and after market parts for often obsolete machinery to emergency repair work/reverse engineering. We are capable of machining your standard materials i.e. steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals and also we have vast experience in most modern composites and plastics used widely in todays industries.

We are the leading UK manufacturer of Hot and Cold Micro Perforation Machinery. We manufacture our own bespoke Hot Needle Perforator Machine and Cold Needle Perforator Machine including all their consumables, selling these throughout the world.

Perforated film is used in a large number of sectors including:

  • Fruit and veg film packaging
  • fresh bread film packaging
  • pharmaceutical / medical supplies
  • building or roofing insulation manufacturers
  • other products with the need for air and moisture control.

The lidding or packaging of perforated material allows the moisture to escape, which extends the product's freshness and shelf life considerably. It also reduces the growth of mold in bagged farm produce.

We also manufacture our own Manual Core Cutter capable of cutting plastic and cardboard cores for the paper converting industry.

We are the company to come to if you want our experience and expertise combined, this ensures you we offer the very best and most experienced service every time. Our customers range from large brands to smaller operations and we are happy to hear from you wherever you are.

Whatever your requirements we will do our best to help, as a professional company we are all highly trained in all engineering aspects. We love working on all kinds of projects from the very simple and straightforward to the very complicated.

If you have a project and you are not sure where to start contact us.

"We pride ourselves on building strong enduring relationships with quality companies by providing consistently high quality and service levels."