Hot Perforators PX5

Hot Needle Perforatoring Machine

Hot Needle Perforation is the method of producing micro perforations in modern substrates such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP.

The process of hot needle perforation produces a perfectly round hole which is heat sealed or welded around the circumference, therefore retaining the strength and durability of the substrate.

These types of substrate are use widely within the food packaging industry to increase the shelf life of various fresh or frozen produce.

Our Hot Perforators have solid state heater controls with both internal and external heated pin rollers.

We fit the Hot Perforation Machines with easily interchangeable pin segments of your choice to perforate the desired pattern. The diameter of the holes can be adjusted with the needle depth adjuster.

The Hot Micro Perforation Units have a timer for automatic warm up, automatic speed control which matches the web speed to produce round holes and an automatic cool down feature.

The safety features built into the Hot Needle Perforation Machinery are full protecting guards interlocked with an emergency stop, heat shield for web protection and a remote control station with start and stop buttons.

The Perforators can easily be installed into your existing set up such as slitter rewinder units and film blow lines.

Perforated film is used in a large number of sectors including:

  • Fruit and veg film packaging
  • fresh bread film packaging
  • pharmaceutical / medical supplies
  • building or roofing insulation manufacturers
  • other products with the need for air and moisture control.

The lidding or packaging of perforated material allows the moisture to escape, which extends the product's freshness and shelf life considerably. It also reduces the growth of mold in bagged farm produce.

Hot  Needle Perforator / Hot Perforation Unit